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Monthly Archives: June 2011

The user experience of flathunting

As followers of my London blog will know, I’ve currently been in the process of moving flat. It’s been a fairly lengthy effort and it’s well-documented on the other blog. What this entry will cover is the mind-numbing frustration the websites of estate agents caused me over the last two months. Flathunting in London is […]

On student journalism and “digital first”

Since graduating from Leeds University I’ve followed the path of the student newspaper, Leeds Student, with keen interest – I spent almost two years of my time at Leeds working on the newspaper and owe my current career to the experience gained writing and designing for it. In the era of “digital first”, though, I’m […]

How not to make me download your mobile app

Earlier today I was checking out app recommendations over at reddit‘s Android community. Someone suggested an app called Glympse, which allows users to share their location, Google Latitude-style, but falling back to SMS when the recipient doesn’t use Glympse. Cool, I thought. I checked out the site and was greeted with this fancy intro page: […]