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Monthly Archives: April 2012

Twitter’s #ukopenhouse London – my notes

Last night I attended the first of Twitter UK’s Open House sessions on their engineering work. It was a free event at LBi’s London office and sold out very quickly. I managed to get tickets and went along, with little idea of what to expect, but quite excited to hear from the makers of Bootstrap, […]

Web cookies & the E-Privacy Directive: alternatives and workarounds

It hardly sounds like the most stimulating of legal documents. As a title, Directive 2002/58 on Privacy and Electronic Communications lacks the punch of, say, SOPA or PIPA, although its potential impact on European society could be measurably similar. Having gained the dubious privilege of a catchy pseudonym (the E-Privacy Directive), it’s already been marked […]

London Mayoral Candidates: their manifestos, critiqued

I’ve been taking quite an interest in next month’s upcoming London Mayoral Elections. I threw together a webapp a couple of weekends ago to see how people in a specific London postcode area voted. Today I got home to find an election leaflet through my door, promoting the election itself and highlighting the manifestos of […]