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Monthly Archives: June 2012

The internet isn’t killing journalism – journalists are.

Earlier this week I read a good article inĀ More Intelligent Life titled “Can the Guardian survive?“. As a Guardian employee I’m fairly interested in its extended longevity and I read the piece with interest. A single paragraph stood out to me above all of others, so I’m reproducing it verbatim here: At the Open Weekend, […]

Victims of our own design: digital consumption is killing creativity

Note: this blog entry is taken from the third issue of my print zine, “I’m a Pretender”. If you’d like to see the original article in print, along with dozens of other pieces of my writing, you can order the zine for freeĀ online here, or download the PDF! Society is in a kind of limbo […]

Applying for a web developer role: CV dos and don’ts

(Editor’s note: this piece represents my personal opinions and not those of my employer. Now let’s begin) In my day job I frequently look over CVs and applications to join my team as a front-end web developer. Of the batch that we receive each time we begin another hiring round, perhaps 15-35% make the cut […]