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Monthly Archives: September 2012

A £2-a-month levy on broadband could be the worst idea for journalism ever

Yesterday evening the Guardian (full disclosure: my employer) published an article by the eminent investigative journalist David Leigh, titled “A £2-a-month levy on broadband could save our newspapers”. Leigh, a veteran report who worked (amongst other things) on the Wikileaks data and the Jonathan Aitken investigation, outlines his credentials immediately with his opening gambit around […]

Menshn v2: reviewed

The dust has now settled on Menshn’s recent relaunch, so therefore I’m revisiting the site after my initial write-up about it, written back in July. The headline feature of this new design is a mobile version, so along with my original criticisms, I’ll also cover the new territory too. It wasn’t the most auspicious of […]