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Why do we think developers are special?

I teach a Guardian Masterclass as part of their “Digital Journalism Bootcamp” course. Specifically, my part of the month-long class is a 90 minute workshop aimed at journalists, outlining how developers work, what they do, and how they use process to organise work (there’s an Agile taster session). There are also some more general tips […]

Lessons learned self-publishing for Kindle and print simultaneously

It was one of those fateful moments where you catch yourself thinking “how difficult could it be?”. It’s been ten years (almost eleven now) since I started Scene Point Blank, the online music zine which came to define my late teens and the eventual career path I’d choose. It started out as a collective of […]

Tech half-life: it’s okay to be wrong

Note: this blog entry is taken from the first print issue of the experimental “algorithmic newspaper”, The Long Good Read. You can find more about that project on the official site. A developer I work with has been at the company for a decade. His argument for that longevity? He says it takes five years […]

The web: less engine, more gas

Twenty-four hours ago I posted a mildly ranty tweet (I know, I can’t believe it either) about the current proliferation of techniques/tools for modern web development. Here’s the tweet in question. This was a frustrated summary of something I’ve been feeling for quite a while now. I’m a front-end web developer of a fair few […]

Homebrew beer for busy people

After the example set by my friend Andy, a veritable homebrew beer connoisseur, I decided it was about time I took my liking for proper craft beer and real ale to a new level by attempting to make some of my own. Anything that was possible to do in medieval times with a few wooden […]