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Past, present and future

By the time I press “Publish” on this entry, my employment at the Guardian will be over after just shy of five years working as a developer there. I’m also days away from leaving London, the city I moved to in order to work at the newspaper. I’ll be moving to Birmingham to start a […]

An apology

On Monday night I posted a ranty tweet which I followed up on Tuesday. In essence, I was registering my surprise that a digital journalist at an internal event admitted they didn’t know what “CMS” stood for. There were a couple of reactions to the tweet, mostly from people arguing (skilfully) that not knowing the […]

Humans and algorithms

Dick Costolo, CEO of Twitter, has made headlines this week for his admission that “we suck at dealing with abuse and trolls” as part of an internal memo. While Twitter is unclear about how they currently moderate the platform, it seems that much of the removal of questionable content is done via users reporting it, […]

Book review: JavaScript & jQuery (by Jon Duckett)

I was excited to sit down and read the newly-published JavaScript & jQuery by Jon Duckett, produced by the team behind the hugely well-received HTML & CSS book. It’s a large and beautifully-designed tome aimed at newbie developers with familiarity with HTML/CSS but no experience with programming in the browser. In this post I’ll offer some thoughts […]

London, I love you, but you’re bringing me down

I turned 28 this week and have begun to find that my life and those of my peers seems to have come to a fork in the road. The ones who live in the general area I’m calling “not London” have taken one fork in the path, while those of us in the “London” camp are […]